My name is Carlos Morales and I am a computer technician living in Spain. I was born in Spain and moves to the UK during my university years and although I loved the opportunities the UK gave me I missed the sun and my family, so I moved back to pursue my newfound knowledge of computer science.

I have a huge family and they have always known that I am a massive geek! I was always obsessed with new technology and buying the latest gadgets so that I could see if they were really worth the money we were putting into them. I love how technology can bring us closer together if used correctly, and how it shows the ingeniousness of the human race.

In my spare time, I am working on my programming skills and endlessly tinkering with my computer and another tech I have around my home, which tends to drive my partner crazy but he knew what he got into when they met me! 

This blog is going to give you lots of amazing facts and information about technology, which will hopefully open your mind to the wonderful world of technology. The fact is we are in the digital age and therefore, if you don’t keep up you’ll be left behind and that is the last thing I want for anyone! So begin downloading this blog into your mind and expand your digital universe.